Tuna and the Wongs

by Tuna and the Wongs

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inmato fuck the information age

also i remember listening to early demos of lines... awesome to see how it turned out Favorite track: Lines.
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Special thanks to our producer/head recording engineer Mark Alan Miller and one of our recording engineers Matt Beaudoin. Thanks to Converse Rubber Tracks for helping us get this album started. Super-special thanks to our donors and fans. We wouldn't have been able to make this album without you guys, and we're incredibly grateful.


released January 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Tuna and the Wongs Amherst, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Mister Clean
I don't feel like talking because talking is a chore / When I talk to you I can always tell that you're bored / Forgive all my diction / My rhetoric is so tired / Stilted words and metaphors leave much to be desired / Rewrite all my novels / My bibliography's weak / Don't tell me to talk / Yeah, I won't talk / I'd rather shriek
Track Name: Of Infirm Temperament
When I arrived / I devised a plan to shake myself of everything that I deemed unfit / So I tempered all things unbecoming / And vowed to keep my cool / But things break down before you / My will is weak / My mind is chasm / I saw your eyes / And unwittingly I shed my shambled barriers / You entered unaware / And as I felt frail defenses crack and crumble / I longed to be mature
Track Name: Charlie Horse
They've been scoping out her tracks for days / They want a piece of her; she'll have her way / Call the cops; set up a barricade / She'll take a bullet, and she won't be fazed / My baby, she's a trooper / She'll take your cash and run / She will eviscerate you / 44-magnum gun / My baby, she'll destroy you / She'll eat your guts for lunch / My baby, she's a trooper / But she's gnawing at my brain / I don't get her affection / But I know it causes pain
Track Name: Michael Freaking Out
My name is Michael / I'm in love with you / They call me crazy, and it's probably true / But life is short, and being shortsighted is cute / So I'll love you / I know I'm going fast / But I'm terminally impatient / And opportunities are few / So I'll love you / My name is Michael and you know I'm a fool / Can't hold my temperament / I can't keep my cool / Like Thomas Hobbes, I need a sovereign to rule / So I'll love you
Track Name: Diamond Ring
Diamond ring / She don't turn it down / 'Cause the pressure's on, and she feels alone / But the circumstances are too suspect / Just to stabilize, so she'll spread her lies / You do what they said / But I know what you want / 'Cause you're feeling repressed / And you're worried it's not what it's made out to be / Filled with sweet jealousy / But it's what you've got /
Track Name: Spinning Out
Hold my hand and we'll ride / Buckle in and floor the gas / Feel the wind on your brow / Feel the dirt; it's rushing past / Get close / Hold on / Lose your grip / Your hair's blowing in the wind / As we zoom through scorched earth
Track Name: Lines
The lines of your face look like a land scape of rolling hills and skies / How do you keep the sunshine in your hair? / How did you catch the sunset in your eyes? / The time you should take to come around ran out / So I gave you mine / Why do I give it all to you? / Why do I always keep you in mind?
Track Name: Frozen
Every time I look at you I freeze up / I can't move / When I see all the people around I freeze up / I break down / I guess I'll fake a smile when you're looking my way / I never know exactly what to say / I'll fake another smile when our eyes meet / and I'll freeze like I always seem to be / When I see that look in your eye / I know your thoughts lie in a place I could never find on my own / Can we go?
Track Name: Tomato Sauce
I'll kill the kid who's manning the operator / His threatening gaze doesn't faze me / It won't bring me down / I'll kill the kid who's manning the operator / Avenge my rep / Yeah, his death'll be the talk of the town / But I know he's cool / I know he's fine / He's a good guy / But he's not my kind / I'll kill the kid who's manning the operator / I'll spill his blood, and I will not apologize / I'll kill the kid who's manning the operator / Sideline my conscience / Highlight the cruelty in my eyes
Track Name: Information Age
Fuck the information age
Track Name: Immaculate Bedspread
Don't wanna make my bed / Because it's got your scent / And I'm afraid if I replace my sheets today / The memory of your love will just fade away / And I'm not ready to move on / This reckless dream will linger / If it were true that you were gonna suck my blood / I'd acquiesce until I melted into mud